Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Good the Bland and the Ugly……

I’ve been pondering over the last few days what I might miss about Australia? What I cannot wait to experience back in Blighty and what I might I have forgotten about after 7 years? and how might I feel about that sudden recognition either good or indeed bad?

Well I can tell you what I won’t miss! I think expats who never totally settle love to get these out on the table and compare their tales of hopelessness and antiquation!

1) This one  is very close to my heart as I drive about 30ks to work every day…and back… traffic is pretty universal unless you live in the bush, but appalling driving and rude drivers is something I have never gotten used to. Australian drivers basically do not look where they are going, don’t indicate, don’t understand roundabouts…at all.., they cannot merge in traffic, never let anyone in, don’t thank you when you let them in, and are generally very unpleasant to be on the road with…. Despite returning to London where hopefully I wont need a car in any case, I will not miss the roads…

2) Cockroaches… Do I need to expand on that one? The giant red ones, the giant black ones the little German ones that eat your books, the flying ones reminiscent of Harry Potter….. in a bad way.

3) Bouncers Look I'm the first to admit I’ve never been a fan of bouncers. Basically they are over grown school bully's who have the potential progression and enjoyment of your evening in their fat hairy hands, but they are necessary for the safety of revellers are they not? Well that doesn’t appear to be their role in Australia… In Oz their role appears to be to stare into your eyes ask you what you’ve had, and then humiliate you in front of your mates. You don’t have to say anything, BUT if you don’t they will assume you are off your tits and send you home,,, A few times while here I have been reprimanded for ‘sitting having a think‘….or ‘not talking or dancing‘….Oh I could go on, but basically they ruin your night and I admit don’t respond well to some overgrown 18 year old oaf telling me I look ‘a bit funny’ ( I might do! but I’m not doing any harm, and I’m not even drinking) or stopping a perfectly happy, stable, if merry, friend getting in….. awful.. and just one example of how Australia creates jobs and roles for people where there really is no need… for jobsworths…

4) Television How I have been reminded of this in the last 48 hours as the Foxtel (cable) has been down. When I first come to Australia I rely couldn’t see the point of watching UK TV and in any case in the first 18 months in what too painful to even see London on the telly. I had all sorts of ideas at that time, and it kind of makes me smile now. People talk about integration and assimilation, well its not easy. I was determined to throw myself into an Australian way of life, like on Neighbours…or similar. I was going to be outdoors, possibly in the pool, with bouncer of course, there wouldn’t be time for TV! But I do like my telly, so I tried to get into Bondi Rescue, I do like that show, and all the American crap too… It just wasn’t working. So after 18 months I got Foxtel and now watch the BBC, Corrie the history channel… etc etc I also listen to the BBC radio in my car,,, via the pod casts on my iphone. I wouldnt pass the cricket test!!!… The TV is horrible

I will continue my whinging Pom rant later.... 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Getting on with it...or not!

Hi there, well I think I have sorted out the problems with the posting of comments so hopefully if you would like to, you can comment!

Since my last blogging I haven't really done anything practical towards my move, well, unless you count arranging trips to Tassie and to Adelaide to see friends and say goodbye. Time ofcourse, marches on, I really do need to start selling things and working out what to ship.

My flight is booked, Premium Economy which Im really looking forward to. I have looked into Leos costs (a 7 kilo pussy cat!) and that will be about 2700, what I expected really. My flatmate back from her holiday yesterday but as she is going away for work soon I figure Ill tell her about my plans when she gets back. then I can push on and find out if she wants any of my furniture etc..... There seems so much to think about and I really want to make it as stress free as I can by planning...... I need lists!!